The Chase’s Anne Hegerty sparks debate about driving in middle lane of motorway

The Chase star Anne Hegerty sparked an online debate after replying to a tweet about middle lane driving on the motorway. The TV quizzer from Manchester was told she was ‘wrong’ after she explained why she drives in the middle lane. She gave her opinion after a fellow Twitter user blasted motorists who use this lane when the left is clear.

: Strictly viewers stunned by Craig Revel Horwood’s ‘all fours’ comment to Gorka Marquez “I will never understand why so many people drive in the middle lane of the motorway when the left lane is completely empty,” they said.

Anne on Beat the Chasers

“It winds me up so much.” And Anne replied: “Because there is always a truck less than a minute ahead, and if you change lanes you’re just going to have to change lanes again.”

Rule 264 of the Highway Code states: “Keep in the left lane unless overtaking. If you are overtaking, you should return to the left lane when it is safe to do so.” Another tweeter replied: “Highway Code Rule 264…

Keep to the nearside lane unless overtaking. Simples!! “Not a word about ‘gaining’ on another vehicle, which arguably could be 1/4 of a mile ahead!”

And Anne responded: “Well, as a wise old police driver told me, ‘If you are gaining on the traffic in the nearside lane, obviously you haven’t yet finished your overtaking, and you should stay in the overtaking lane until you do.'” She was asked by another tweeter: “So do you sit there just in case?” And she said: “No.

The rule of thumb is, if you’re gaining on the traffic in the left-hand lane, stay there until you are not gaining on them any more.”

The Chase's Anne Hegerty sparks debate about driving in middle lane of motorwayAnne was told she was wrong

Another asked her: “You do know it’s an offence? Classed as careless driving and the ones who do it will, I guarantee, overtake a HGV thats in the middle lane and not stay in the 3rd lane.” But Anne tweeted back: “Just SITTING in the middle lane not paying attention is an offence, obviously.

“Calculating if it’s worth changing lanes just in order to change lanes again ten seconds later is a judgement call.” Another Twitter user told her: “It’s a car you’re in Anne, not a train. They’re designed to do that.”

And she told them: “But the more you change lanes, the more accidents are likely to occur.” “Wrong,” tweeted another person to Anne. And another said: “Changing lanes often keeps me alert and aware of surroundings.”

But someone else said: “At last Anne! …. someone who thinks like me!! x” “And thats why Anne is a Chaser, superb reasoning,” said another fan. Anne Hegerty, 63, is known for her stern demeanour as The Governess on the ITV quiz show and its spin-off Beat The Chasers.

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The Chase's Anne Hegerty sparks debate about driving in middle lane of motorway

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She appeared on I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here in 2018. Anne is one of The Chase ‘s most famous faces and has also presented her own show for ITV Britain’s Brightest Family and its spin-off Britain’s Brightest Celebrity Family.

She started her working life as a journalist in the mid 1980s at the South Wales Argus in Newport, Wales and later moved to Manchester to become a ghostwriter. It was then her quizzing career took off as she began touring around the country participating in pub quizzes and local competitions.

Her first TV appearance was on Mastermind in the 1980s, before featuring on Fifteen to One and then Are You An Egghead?

In 2010 she joined The Chase in 2010 as one of the boffins who contestans would aim to ‘beat’.