Volvo FH with I-Save delivers impressive fuel savings for Crowley Transport (Churchtown)

North County Cork-based Crowley Transport (Churchtown) has unlocked significant fuel savings after taking delivery of its first Volvo FH 500 with I-Save earlier this year, with the truck averaging an impressive 27 l/100km (10.46 mpg). Supplied by Micheal Walsh, Truck Sales Executive at McCarthy Commercials, the 6×2 Unlimited Edition tractor unit is setting a new benchmark for fuel and environmental performance within the customer’s fleet. This is being made possible thanks to its ultra-efficient D13TC Euro-6 Step D engine, which benefits from turbo-compounding and additional fuel-saving features to reduce fuel consumption without compromising driveability – all whilst delivering an additional 300Nm of low down torque to boost journey times.

Liam Crowley, Director at Crowley Transport (Churchtown), says: “The fuel returns we are seeing thanks to the I-Save package are very impressive. The truck has been on the road since February and we’re averaging 27 l/100km, a 20% improvement on our other vehicles on the same routes. “We know this is just the start of the savings as most of this work has come from travelling on secondary roads.

We’re looking forward to seeing its potential when we put it onto more long-haul work, covering more ground.” The I-Save package is designed to perform best in long-haul operations, especially those where the truck covers at least 120,000 km per year – precisely the average projected for this truck by Crowley Transport (Churchtown). As well as the turbo compound engine, it uses Volvo’s I-See predictive cruise control, which analyses and adapts to gradients in the road ahead – plus I-Cruise with I-Roll, which adjusts speed to optimise fuel consumption.

“Our fleet is 100 per cent Volvo; we believe in running the best equipment we possibly can and I’ll definitely be considering another FH with I-Save next time we upgrade our fleet.

This truck has been an outstanding addition and one of the best purchasing decisions we’ve ever made,” Crowley adds.