Alberta sets 2022 WCB rates for trucking

General trucking operations in Alberta will see a slight decrease in Workers Compensation Board (WBC) premiums, even though average industry rates will increase. The general trucking rates for 2022 will be set at £4.35 per £100 of earnings, up 0.68% from the £4.38 paid in 2021. In contrast, the average industry rate increases 3 cents to £1.17.

(Photo: istock)

Specialized trucking operations will pay £271 per £100 of earnings in 2022, up 1.88% from the £2.66 in 2021.

Garbage collection and disposal businesses, meanwhile, will see 2022 rates of £2.86 per £100 of earnings, up 1.42% from the £2.82 paid in 2021. “Depending on the unique circumstances of your business, you may be charged additional premiums, up to 200% due to poor performance, or may receive steep discounts of up to 20%,” the Alberta Motor Transport Administration (AMTA) says. One company, for example, saved £90,000 in premiums over three years on top of increased productivity, by actively managing claims and introducing safety programs, it notes.

Another business paid £32,000 per year in premiums because of poor performance.

But it was able to eliminate a poor performance surcharge and secure a refund for the previous year by seeking cost relief on several claims and appealing a group claim.