Man cut from flipped car by bystanders after crash

Published: 4:24 PM December 29, 2021 A man was cut from his flipped car by bystanders after he had to take to evasive action to swerve out of the way of an oncoming driver. Chris Bateman, 46, was driving on Coast Road between Wells and Stiffkey on December 27 at 1.30pm when a driver came around a blind bend on the wrong side of the road.

“A black 4×4 was overtaking a cyclist on a blind bend near the Warham turn. It was a split-second decision to either hit the car and two cyclists or hit the verge and hope for the best,” said Mr Bateman, who lives in Wells with his wife and son. “I must have hit the verge before I’d even passed the overtaking car.

All I thought was ‘I need to move’ – it was a gut reaction.

Chris Bateman

Chris Bateman – Credit: Claire Bateman “The other driver had nowhere to go, which was his own fault. He wasn’t even giving the cyclist that much space.

“I was hoping to ride the verge. But when my front wheels went up the verge and my back wheels didn’t I knew it was going to be bad.  “At that point I was just along for the ride. I do remember thinking ‘my wife’s going to kill me’.

“It was very fortunate that there were people around. People from other cars ran over to help me out. I managed to grab my penknife and they cut my seatbelt off.”

Mr Bateman, who manages holiday cottages and second homes in north Norfolk, said: “I’m mostly alright, just some cuts and bruises, but I’ve definitely been better.

coast road near warham, norfolk

Mr Bateman’s car being towed from the scene – Credit: Claire Bateman “I get flash images of seeing the car on the wrong side of the road and then my car landing on its roof. “I know that road like the back of my hand.

Nobody who knows that road would do what the other car did – it’s a 60mph speed limit and there’s a blind bend next to a junction. There’s no way in hell they could have seen around the corner. “My truck has been written off and I’m self-employed.

But I would do it again to avoid hurting someone, especially the cyclist. “I’m so grateful for that incredible support from the people nearby, it was exceptional. And the police have been excellent in dealing with it.

They have kept me updated and are really on the ball.”

Anyone with information in relation to the crash should call police on 101.