The delicious Christmas treats you can indulge in right now

We all love a festive pasty and turkey dinner roll, but in Wales, the Christmas treats you can eat aren’t just simply a take on that special roast enrobed in delicious carbs. There’s lots more to indulge in this December, including sweet treats, hot chocs and well, just drool-worthy snacks and lunches. : The ultimate guide to Christmas events in Wales 2021

So call it quits on the Christmas shopping, forget about the Coca-Cola truck, cosy up in a cafe and find somewhere which does some simply great dishes and drinks. Here are 12 great ones to start you off.

Hills’ HFT Burger

Not only does the famous Brecon burger joint have their fried turkey burger (comes with sprout slaw, cranberry and gravy), pictured above, they are also doing festive specials like glazed ham and chutney chicken burger, pulled turkey burger and there’s also their impressive-looking Sunday lunch burger.

Pettigrew Bakery’s Santa Hat Cruffin

Just look at that piece of pastry beauty. We wouldn’t want to eat it.

It’s a crisp pastry generously filled with brandy-soaked morello cherries, whipped white chocolate and vanilla cream, finished with chocolate and a coconut mallow. It’s available every day up until New Year’s Eve at their Victoria Park shop in Cardiff .

Cobbles’ Pigs in Blankets in Blankets

It’s a double cwtch for this Ogmore-by-Sea cafe’s brilliantly Christmassy sausage roll. Since opening, Cobbles have made thousands of these bad boys, pretty understandably, as who doesn’t want a pork sausage, wrapped in streaky bacon, wrapped in pastry stuffed with cranberry and cheddar at Christmas time?

12 Drinks of Christmas at Hot Gossip

This Treorchy coffee shop always does a ’12 drinks of Christmas’ each year, ranging from their eggnog lattes, chestnut praline mochas, Red Velvet Bailey’s hot chocolate and, of course, their blue Frozen-themed hot chocolate.

Sticky Stollen Buns at Coffi Lab

The delicious Christmas treats you can indulge in right now

Juicy bits of fruit, crunchy almonds, sweetly-spiced icing and a stollen bun, this is certainly a treat if you like cinnamon buns with your coffee but want to change it up a little.

Coffi Lab has dog-friendly locations in Abergavennyand Llandaff, Cardiff – so, no excuses.

Dusty’s Festive Pizza

The delicious Christmas treats you can indulge in right now

Sprout on a pizza? Well, if Dusty’s has said so it must be good. This one comes with fontina cheese, guanciale (pig’s cheek) and those cider and bacon dripping Brussel sprouts.

You can find it at all Dusty’s south Wales locations, Barry, Cardiff and Swansea .

Whocult’s Christmas Doughnuts

A caramel-dipped gingerbread man, a white icing-topped Christmas tree and more make these festive doughnuts a must for that weekend treat in December. Perfect for a post-Christmas shopping coffee. Grab them at Whocult’s Bridgend depot.

Festive Focaccia at Brod

The delicious Christmas treats you can indulge in right now

Brod in Canton, Cardiff , always has a great Christmas offering, pulling on the Danish roots of the bakery and offering mini cardamom and cinnamon cookies, flavoured hot chocolates and the above (okay, with a little Italian influence) focaccia stuffed with Brie, bacon and cranberry.

Ty Melin Bakery’s Christmas Danish

The delicious Christmas treats you can indulge in right now

If you like pistachios then this one is for you.

And we expect nothing less from the creators of the croissant bomb at Christmas, whose wares you can pre-order online or visit one of their stores in Cardiff ‘s Roath suburb or down Cardiff Bay . This bad boy has: pistachio creme patisserie, chopped toasted pistachios, white chocolate drops, pistachio milk glaze, white chocolate and then more toasted pistachios.

Sglods Nadolig at Ansh

Triple-cooked chunky chips, pulled chicken in gravy, bacon bits, cauliflower cheese puree, cranberry and sage and onion Yorkshire pud scrumps (scrimps, or whatever you might call them in your house!). We don’t need to say any more.

Other than, get them at Ansh’s Cardiff burger joint on Victoria Park.

Ground Bakery’s Christmas Pastries

This Pontcanna, Cardiff bakery and coffee shop sells excellent pastries and from now up until Christmas their twists on a mince pie will be on sale. Think spiced mincemeat topped with orange cream and toasted nuts or brandy and cinnamon soaked prunes, orange Cream and dark chocolate shavings. So luxurious they should come in a gorgeous gift box.

Festive Hot Chocolates at Barry Sidings

The delicious Christmas treats you can indulge in right now

The country park just outside Pontypridd is serving a tasty Christmas menu, including a line-up of warming drinks which you can hold on to while having a stroll around.

There’s Crunchie flavour and chocolate orange hot chocs as well as toffee nut or gingerbread lattes.

Don’t forget to check out their poutine menu, too, as they have a pigs in blankets special.

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