The ten biggest stories on Coventry Live in 2021

It’s been a pretty busy year one way or another, with loads to report on in our region and right across the globe. Covid-19, and the inescapable impact it continues to have on all of our lives, has not once fallen off the radar – while the tragic story of Solihull six-year-old Arthur Labinjo-Hughes sent a nation into mourning. Locally, there’s been bin strikes, massive factory fires, school rebuilds, murder trials and City of Culture celebrations.

: UK and world news On the national stage we’ve seen a death in the Royal Family, sleaze in Westminster and the appalling case of Sarah Everard and its far-ranging fallout. Businesses going bust, major events cancelled, worrying hikes in the cost of living and a brave Euro 2020 adventure from the England football team have also been in the headlines.

Beyond that, the rise of the Taliban led to a mass evacuation of Afghan nationals, 5,000 of whom took up residence in the UK, and world leaders addressed the cataclysmic issue of climate change at the COP26 summit in Glasgow.

The house, which is owned by the council, may be knocked down and replaced with a memorial to Arthur

In truth, there’s rarely been a dull moment – even if much of it was tragic. CoventryLive and WarwickshireLive has strived to report on the local stories that matter most to the good people of Coventry and Warwickshire. We’ve also attempted to keep you, the reader, abreast of current affairs from right across the country and up to speed on the main talking points internationally.

Here are the ten best-read local stories on the CoventryLive website in 2021:

1, ‘Anti-PC’ truck firm boss shames busybody who complained one of their lorries took up too many spaces – in ’empty’ car park (July) – read here.

2, Leamington Spa fire live: huge 999 battle to tackle blaze goes on (August) – read here.

3, Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond cause traffic chaos in Warwickshire (April) – read here.

4, Rock star Pete Doherty turns up at quiet Coventry pub (December) – read here.

5, HS2 motion detector with Northern Irish accent tells walker she’s been reported to police (August) – read here.

The ten biggest stories on Coventry Live in 2021Pete Doherty met staff and punters at the Boat Inn on Friday

6, Why Peugeot Citroen no longer exists from today (January) – read here.

7, Millennium Falcon appears in Warwick Castle grounds in the snow (January) – read here.

8, Coventry mum convinced flats are haunted after snapping creepy face in group picture (May) – read here.

9, Live updates as Arthur Labinjo Hughes’ killers face lengthy jail sentences (December) – read here.

10, Arthur’s suicidal killer Emma Tustin refuses to face justice as lawyer says she is bullied in prison (December) – read here.

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