Yak Yak Land’s back as one family find man upside down in their bin

Rough sleepers have moved back into a notorious former makeshift camp known as Yak Yak Land. Families living near the site off North Street, in Stoke, say their lives are once again being made a misery due to anti-social behaviour from those living there. Problems have resurfaced after the fences were pulled down to gain access.

For the latest news Among the issues include fires getting out of control, people rummaging through bins and drugged-up men and women walking the street. Previously there had been concerns over 3am drug drop-offs and visiting prostitutes.

The news comes after a developer secured a court order to remove the homeless camp in October last year. Now families want a permanent solution to get rid of Yak Yak Land once and for all. Jordan Swann, aged 32, of North Street, said: “All the fencing has been pulled down around the site and it’s so easy to get in there.

It’s been ripped off four or five times. We want the site to be sealed off properly because it is gross.

Rubbish left inside the former homeless camp on North Street in Stoke

“There was a torched car down there at one point and so much rubbish. “We always see people walking up and down and I’ve had to come out a few times because people are in my bin.

We have a GBP166,000 house and we have some guy upside down in our bin. “Two lads also tried to break into our neighbour’s friend’s car and I had to chase the blokes off. “My missus also gets picked up for work and the lady, who is in her 60s, parked outside our house and a chap got in the back of her car.

“I think he thought he was buying drugs, he didn’t look all there. We don’t want that. “We have student flats down the road and they have started parking their cars outside our houses because they have had their cars broken into.

“We also have The Salvation Army near here which doesn’t help. “These houses are new and we don’t want these issues. All the people that live here are lovely, that’s why we got a house here.

Anything is better than this.” Jack Gent has also noticed activity at the site.

Yak Yak Land's back as one family find man upside down in their binResidents say rough sleepers have regained access to the former homeless camp on North Street, in Stoke, after fencing was pulled down

The 27-year-old, of North Street, said: “I see people walking past the house and going in there and lurking around. There was a fire truck there last month.

“I’d rather they were moved somewhere else that is decent for them.” And Caroline Sylvester, of nearby Convent Close, said: “It’s supposed to be closed off but only a couple of weeks ago there was people back on there. “The fire brigade keep being called out because of the fires getting out of hand.

“There’s also been lots of complaints about the noise. “I’m disappointed they haven’t been given help. I think if they were offered more help and housing they would all be in a different situation.”

Staffordshire Police say they regularly patrol North Street. A spokesman said: “Local officers regularly patrol the area around North Street, Stoke. “Most recently, on Thursday, December 23, PCSOs visited the area.

No one was present at the area and no concerns were identified. However, officers will continue to monitor the locality to reassure the local community and proactively address any identified issues.” StokeonTrentLive has approached Stoke-on-Trent City Council for a statement.

To report anti-social behaviour where you live, call Staffordshire Police on 101.

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