Drink drivers arrested by police with one nearly destroying car during crash with HGV

Five drink drivers have been arrested by police in Ribble Valley – with three arrested during one shift. Police say that they have recently arrested five offenders, with others having been reported but not yet found. One of the drivers collided with a HGV and despite the vehicle being nearly destroyed, the driver was lucky to have escaped without injury.

Another collided with three stationary vehicles where driver and passengers sustained only minor injury. The other three were all stopped before they could cause any incidents. Four of the five have been charged and will appear in court in due course.

A spokesperson for the police said: “Drink driving is not a victimless offence, sometimes the devastation caused is irreparable and the tragedy is that one for the road can end in one for the cemetery. “Losing your licence may be the easy bit to cope with. If you suspect someone is driving whilst under the influence don’t be afraid to report it by calling 101 and providing as much detail as you can to help us keep our community safer and get these menaces off our roads.

“We may not catch them all but without you we’d catch far fewer.”