Police arrest driver who stopped for fried chicken while ‘under the influence’

A driver who got ‘the munchies’ after getting behind wheel while ‘under the influence’ was arrested after stopping for fried chicken. Police in Rochdale said the suspect was also uninsured and had been seen speeding before he was tracked down by two PCs. Following the arrest GMP Rochdale tweeted a picture showing the car being loaded on to the back on a flatbed truck near B&M Bargains on Whitworth Road.

And officers also mocked the driver’s terrible decision-making. : Terrifying CCTV footage shows how quickly Deansgate bar fire took hold just minutes after New Year’s Eve countdown They tweeted: “Fried Chicken is good, but when you have the munchies, don’t stop for dinner after driving at speed whilst under the influence and with no insurance.

“PC Timms with the help of PC Dzienis identified, tracked down and arrested a suspect who had done just this!

“Well done Both.”