Volunteers ‘overwhelmed’ as donations to Ukraine come flooding in

Volunteers are “overwhelmed” as donations keep “flooding in” after Liverpool pledged its support for the people of Ukraine. Last Thursday, devastating news broke that Russia began an invasion on Ukraine. Defence Secretary Ben Wallace previously warned the invasion was likely to become “more violent” as Russia resorts to more brutal tactics to advance.

:Schoolgirl shot at bus stop as man arrives at hospital with gunshot wound But people right across the UK have shown their support and solidarity for those suffering overseas, none more-so than here in Liverpool. Scousers have been described as the ‘most generous’ helping those in their hour of need, and that certainly rings true right now.

Not for Profit organisation Polskie Merseyside, based on County Road, launched a request for support in donations that can be sent to Ukraine. Since then, donations “have been flooding in” as people across Merseyside do all they can to help. Co-founder Michael Frackowiak told the ECHO : “Pre pandemic we worked with Polish people here with legal help and ran social clubs.

Donations for Ukraine piling high at Polskie Merseyside shop in Walton, Liverpool Pictured volunteer Monika Rudzka

“The Ukraine war is so close to Poland and we understand each other, we are very similar.

Poland opened its borders during the first few days of the war and although we are here, we can’t just sit and do nothing. “This is the only thing we can do so we are giving people a platform to donate. Liverpool especially in times of crisis want to do what they can, so we are allowing them to do that.”

It is hoped later this week or next week, the donated items will be sent to Wrexham before arriving at Poland and then Ukraine.

Volunteers 'overwhelmed' as donations to Ukraine come flooding inDonations for Ukraine at Polskie Merseyside shop in Walton, Liverpool.

Michael added: “We always say to people to think if they were leaving home with just one bag, what would they need? “People often forget about a comb, toiletries, underwear, sanitary products, things they need that they don’t think of when they leave their home. “Even shoes, it’s still very cold over in Ukraine.”

The County Road premises is open 8am until 8pm and donations have been coming in far and wide. Michael said: “It’s overwhelming. We thought when we started we’d have one truck leave for Wrexham but now we are thinking we need two or three more and more centres across the UK.

“People want to get involved and that’s what’s happening in Liverpool. One lady in her 70s came to donate cash of GBP200 and we though wow that’s amazing. It brought tears to our eyes.

Volunteers 'overwhelmed' as donations to Ukraine come flooding inVolunteer Monika Rudzka

“They probably need that but they are giving it to help others and we were taken back by this.

People want to help and that’s the most important thing. “Everyone who lives in Liverpool knows a Polish person, not so much someone from Ukraine, but everyone knows of or has worked with a Polish person. “One thing that stands out to us now is messages people are getting, ‘are you safe?’, this was is real.

It’s not somewhere else, it’s here and it’s real.”

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