Huge lorry stuck all night in Dorset village after getting trapped in narrow lane

VILLAGERS have told how a huge lorry got stuck in their village all night after the driver took a wrong turning and his vehicle became wedged in narrow lanes. The HGV was so large and in such a tight spot it took several hours to get it shifted. The driver was initially trapped in his cab during the drama in Netherbury last week.

The incident has prompted a warning to drivers from the police. Locals said the driver must have taken a wrong turn, or missed a turning, and first got stuck under a tree at Silkhay about 5pm last Tuesday (pictured below). He then proceeded down Hingsdon Lane only to then get wedged at the junction with St James Road near the village centre.

It is understood it was there throughout the night before being recovered around dawn. Villager Ken Tracy thought the lorry was supposed to deliver to the Furleigh Estate winery and missed the turning – but the Estate said this was not the case.

Mr Tracy said: “It was quite an event. He ended up in a single track lane and his HGV was totally unsuitable for the lane in a remote part of Dorset. “It first got stuck under a mature sweet chestnut tree and as it manoeuvred, it ripped off a large portion of the tree which caused a major obstruction to the road.

Ken Bodycombe, a local resident, used his chainsaw to clear the road.” Huge lorry stuck all night in Dorset village after getting trapped in narrow lane Ken Bodycombe cuts up the tree which had been causing an obstruction on the road

Mr Tracy said he and others tried to tell the driver he had taken a wrong turning and attempted to explain how he could manoeuvre out of the predicament, but the driver could not speak English and didn’t understand what was being said. Instead of doing a U-turn and heading back to the main road the driver headed towards Netherbury where the lorry became stuck again (pictured below). Huge lorry stuck all night in Dorset village after getting trapped in narrow lane

Mr Tracy said: “It was literally wedged in the road and the driver couldn’t get out. No-one could get by him. Fortunately it was the end of the day so he wasn’t holding up too many people.

If it had been the morning there would’ve been a few problems. From what I understand he was there most of the night before they could get the lorry out. “It was all very exciting for our little community but poor lorry driver, he must’ve been absolutely traumatised.”

The transport operator has been contacted for comment. Ian Edwards from the Furleigh Estate said: “We did hear about a lorry becoming stuck in the lane; although we had no contact with the lorry driver ourselves. We do not know what the lorry was carrying; but it was not delivering bottles to Furleigh.

“The transport had been arranged by a third party and, we think, the driver was trying to collect a finished load on their behalf. We don’t know why he ended up in the lanes. Presumably, he was not using an appropriate satnav system – which could have alerted him that the lane was unsuitable for his vehicle.”

Huge lorry stuck all night in Dorset village after getting trapped in narrow lane A Dorset Police spokesman said: “We received a report at 6.16pm on Tuesday 29 March 2022 that a lorry had become stuck in St James Road in Netherbury. Officers attended and there were no reports of any injuries.

“Recovery for the vehicle was arranged and the highways authority was notified.”

Police said they left the scene at around 1am but it is understood the lorry remained there for a few hours after that before it was eventually moved.

The police spokesman added: “We would urge motorists driving heavy goods vehicles or other larger vehicles to please ensure they take appropriate routes and be mindful that those given by satellite navigation systems may not always be the most suitable.”