Hundreds of biscuits packets cover road after spilling from McVitie’s lorry

A lorry carrying a large delivery of McVitie’s biscuits spilt on the road this evening – sending packets of biscuits everywhere. The biscuits were strewn across the road as they tumbled out of the dozens of boxes packed on the lorry. The bizarre incident happened in Sandiacre in Derbyshire at about 5pm this evening.

An Erewash police officer said: “Please bear with us this evening whilst we try and ‘digest’ this issue. “A lorry load of McVitie’s finest have decided to abandon ship causing a slight obstruction!” Traffic-monitoring service Inrix reported that the incident was affecting Ilkeston Road in Sandiacre in both directions, between Stanton Gate and Starch Lane, DerbyshireLive reports.

Hundreds of packages can be seen strewn across the road and pavement (Erewash Response WS)Hundreds of biscuits packets cover road after spilling from McVitie's lorryThe biscuits blocked the road on Monda evening (Erewash Response WS)

Images from the scene showed hundreds of red plastic packages scattered over the road and the pavement.

It comes after hundreds of stuffed animals were left strewn across a motorway last week, causing delays to drivers and drawing comparisons to Toy Story. The mystery spillage, which saw around 300 cuddly toys, including a Winne the Pooh bear, a Minion and several My Little Ponies, left transport officials in Oregon, US, scratching their heads. The blockage occurred around 10.30am last Wednesday, resulting in a back up of vehicles on the interstate near the Burnside Bridge.

Oregon Department of Transportation compared the incident to the Disney Pixar film series, joking the toys “may have been on their way to Pizza Planet”. Don Hamilton, DOT spokesperson, said one lane was closed to the cartoon creatures but said most of them were already to the side of the road. “It’s not often we get several hundred stuffed animals visiting our highways,” he added.

It was not immediately clear where the toys came from. Hamilton clarified they had, however, been taken to the North Portland maintenance yard “for care and feeding”. Twitter users were keen to get in on the joke, with one replying: “Be sure to check under any traffic cones!”

He was referring to the scene in Toy Story 2 in which some of Andy’s toys hide under traffic cones as they cross a busy road on their way to rescuing Buzz Lightyear.

Another said: “Some poor kid got to the find out stage of fooling around in the back seat whilst mom was trying to drive.”

Hundreds of stuffed animals strewn over motorway in ‘Toy Story’ mystery incidentundefined

Lorry driver literally loses his marbles as hundreds of thousands are spilled onto busy motorwayundefined