Hydra Energy lands another Alberta fleet

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) is committing to hydrogen, and one of the trucking firms that serves it is jumping aboard, too. Hercules Logistics will convert a Class 8 Western Star to a hydrogen-diesel system provided by Hydra Energy. It will use hydrogen generated on site by the airport, which also plans to convert some of its specialized trucks and equipment used there.

Hydra says its retrofits reduce diesel emissions by 40% without affecting performance, and Hydra's Hydrogen-as-a-Service model provides hydrogen at cost parity to diesel.

"As a regional carrier, our heavy-duty trucks are traveling and impacting a large geographical area," said Hercules president Darren Smith. "That's why we're a technology-driven carrier with one of the most modern fleets in Canada.

We're looking forward to testing out the Hydra dual-fuel system on our existing trucks to see how they perform within Airport City and to taking this important step towards emissions reduction without having to replace our trucks altogether."

Hercules president, Darren Smith, and CEO, Carl Rosenau, in front of a Hercules truck soon to be converted with Hydra's hydrogen-diesel, co-combustion technology. (Photo: Hydra Energy)