Protesters descend on Yorkshire Morrisons over ‘frankenchickens’

Demonstrators dressed in Morrisons butcher outfits descended on the retailer’s store in Bradford today, demanding the removal of all “Frankenchickens” from its shelves. ‘Frankenchickens’ is the name they’ve dubbed for chickens who have been bred to grow 400 per cent faster than natural. The protest also displayed images from the supermarket’s chicken farms with an advertising truck.

The demonstration took place outside the Morrisons in the Victoria Shopping Centre, Young Street, between noon and 1pm. The event coincided with Morrisons -targeted demonstrations in more than 20 cities and towns across the country. : Morrisons speak out after ‘chicken cruelty’ posters appear

The events have been organised by Open Cages and The Humane League UK.. The protests come eight months after Open Cages revealed footage of fast-growing chickens deformed and dying on crowded farms supplying Morrisons’ welfare-assured Butcher’s on Market Street’ meat label. Morrisons continues to sell the controversial breeds, despite hundreds of companies such as M&S, KFC and Subway pledging to phase them out.

Morrisons recently launched a small range of higher welfare chicken in response to the campaign, but this move is being condemned by Open Cages as a “cheap gesture” while the vast majority of the retailer’s chickens remain in “cruel” conditions.

Follow our live updates on the demonstration below.