The presenters for The Great Home Transformation and how the TV show works

Channel 4‘s The Great Home Transformation kicks off on Wednesday, April 6 at 8pm. The new series sees Emma Willis and Nick Grimshaw join forces as they set about transforming family homes across the country in just three days with the help of one life-changing truck. The property show will give families living in homes that are working against them a home that instead functions well for them, which will be delivered straight to their doorstep by a revolutionary truck.

Inside the truck is an immersive mobile moodboard offering cleverly designed and stylish new homes with zero structural changes. Explaining how the show works, Emma said: “Well you can expect lots of amazing home makeovers and you can expect Nick and I to really try our hardest to be good at decoration.” She added: “And really touching human stories.” : When does The Great Home Transformation start on Channel 4?

Nick added: “I didn’t think it’d be emotional but actually they were all kinds of emotional in different ways. I think people were like ‘oh my house is just annoying’ but then when we’d solved their issues and made their homes work for them, they were really emotional at the reveals. I think it’s really important when your home just works – it’s like we’d helped to solve this massive problem that they had and didn’t know where to begin so it was definitely emotional.”

Emma and Nick are joined by resident interior designer Alex Dauley and Tim Hitchens, the resident craftsman. There’s also a “revolutionary, life-changing truck” which has been described by Emma as a “massive 3D mood board”. Emma explained: “I mean, the truck has got a big, big build up.

I would have liked to have driven that truck actually! It’s basically a massive 3D mood board. Alex (Dauley), who’s our phenomenal interior designer – she has this big plan for each of the homes, she sits down and speaks to the families.

It’s not about changing it totally; she wants their input so that she can create a home the family genuinely want to live in and love. She has those chats, goes away, does her brilliant creative thing and then they create it in the back of the truck. Essentially they are walking into a part of what they will see once they’re back in their home.

It’s not everything, it’s more like a live snapshot of what they’re going to get.” The Great Home Transformation starts on Channel 4 on Wednesday, April 6 at 8pm. Emma and Nick will travel to Eastbourne for the first episode to help Becca, Sam and their four children who are struggling for space.

There are six hour-long episodes in the new series.

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