Vehicle news round-up (22/04/2022)

Interim fleet for Wellingborough’s in-house services

North Northamptonshire council’s vehicle partner specialist Fleet Services Ltd (SFS) has provided an interim fleet of 30 vehicles to carry out the council’s in-house waste services, introduced on 1 April. The waste services previously provided by Wellingborough Norse have now been brought back ‘in house’, including waste and recycling collections, street cleansing and maintenance. The interim fleet comprises 11 refuse collection vehicles, one large and 14 smaller caged tippers, one truck mounted sweeper and two compact sweepers.

Previously carried out by Wellinborough Norse, the waste services are brought back in-house

Cllr Graham Lawman, executive member for highways, travel and assets at North Northamptonshire council, said: “With services being brought back in-house, residents should not see any immediate change on a day-to-day basis.

“Combined with updating our fleet, this means we can continue to provide residents with a reliable waste and recycling service.”

Converted RCV delivered to Islington

Refuse Vehicle Solution (RVS) has delivered the second electric conversion of a Dennis Twin Pack Refuse Collection vehicle to Islington council. This follows the first conversion last year and is one of the four that are to be converted for the council before 2023. The vehicles will aim to help reduce emissions in the borough and ensure cleaner air.

RVS says the conversion process is “highly sought after by councils, due to the lower purchase cost of the vehicles”. The instrument cluster and main components are identical, and the batteries are more “cost-effective than other electric refuse collection vehicles”. Josh Law, head of technical at RVS, said: “We’re pleased to be working with Islington council again and we look forward to repowering more of their vehicles.

“The EMOSS technology used in the conversion has been perfected over the last 20 years, is reliable, and a cost-effective solution for local councils looking to reduce emissions from their fleet.”

Electric fleet for Exeter

Three electric refuse collection vehicles will be delivered to Exeter city council, to be powered by renewable energy sources. Three Dennis Eagle electric RCVs will be delivered in June following a successful trial last year and will help hit the council’s target to be carbon neutral by 2030.

Vehicle news round-up (22/04/2022)

Exeter city council will soon see three electric RCVs delivered

This is part of a seven-year fleet agreement, which commenced in 2019. The electric bin lorries will be used to collect refuse and recycling from residents.

The fleet will eventually be powered by the Water Lane Solar Park, currently being built by the council, and is scheduled for completion this summer. The park will comprise 3,700 solar panels to create 1.2MW of clean green energy. Cllr David Harvey, Exeter city council’s lead councillor for city management, said: “Over 20% of the City Council’s vehicles are now electrically powered and this is the vital next step on delivering a 100% carbon neutral fleet.”

Veolia launches renewable fuelled fleet

Veolia has launched a fleet of green fuelled collection vehicles across the Broadland district, Norfolk.

The fleet will be solely powered by renewable hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO). As part of its contract with Broadland district council, which began on 1 April, Veolia committed to reduce operational emissions. The fleet is fully powered by HVO, a bio-based liquid fuel made from vegetable oils and animal fats.

HVO is a sustainable alternative to conventional fossil diesel which “eliminates up to 90% of net CO2”. Fully interchangeable with conventional diesel, it can be used pure or blended with fossil diesel.

Vehicle news round-up (22/04/2022)

Veolia launched its first renewable fuelled fleet in Broadland

Pascal Hauret, managing director municipal at Veolia UK said: “We’re delighted to launch our first fully HVO powered fleet in Broadland. This is a hugely positive step in our shared commitment to net zero.

Importantly, whilst the availability of HVO is still limited in the UK, Veolia has secured a guaranteed supply for the entire contract term.”

Councillor Judy Leggett, portfolio holder for environmental excellence said: “The contract brings together an excellent service for residents with innovative new approaches which will help to make our waste and recycling services more effective and more environmentally friendly.”