Volta Trucks reveals electric 7.5- and 12-tonne Zero variants

Volta Zero

Volta Trucks has revealed the next evolution of its Zero range of electric heavy goods vehicles.

The 7.5- and 12-tonne variants seen here will join the larger 16-tonne model that is undergoing testing and development ahead of customer evaluations later this year, as well as an 18-tonne model that should enter production in 2023.

Volta Trucks is a Swedish company, but its engineering is led from the UK and the vehicles have been designed in partnership with Warwick-based Astheimer Design.

Volta Trucks reveals electric 7.5- and 12-tonne Zero variants(Volta Trucks)

Both models will have visually identical cabs up front, but the larger 12-tonne version has a longer chassis with an extra set of wheels at the rear to cope with the extra weight of its cargo.

Being designed from the ground up gave the company the chance to rethink truck design, particularly with its electric powertrain that removes the need for a large combustion engine up front.

As such, the driver sits lower than in a traditional lorry and benefits from a 220-degree view around the vehicle, providing better visibility of those around them and qualifying the trucks for a five-star Direct Vision Standard rating by Transport for London.

Visibility and protection of vulnerable road users is further improved through a rear-view camera and a 360-degree bird’s-eye view display.

Volta Trucks reveals electric 7.5- and 12-tonne Zero variants(Volta Trucks)

Essa Al-Saleh, CEO of Volta Trucks, said: “The forthcoming 7.5- and 12-tonne models complete the full-electric Volta Zero product family.

“Our customers tell us that they really appreciate the safety and zero-emission attributes of the 16-tonne Volta Zero, but also need smaller 7.5- and 12-tonne vehicles in their operations.

“Our engineering teams are now scaling rapidly to be able to deliver all four vehicles at pace, as our customers ask of us.”

The project was confirmed in early December 2021 and a pilot fleet of vehicles are expected to begin customer trials in 2024 ahead of production beginning the following year.

Volta Trucks aims to sell 27,000 vehicles per year by 2025 with this number growing in the years beyond.