Drivers to receive letters after flashing lights at cars

Drivers caught flashing their lights as a warning to fellow motorists have been told to expect a letter from police. Merseyside Police took to social media after a day of action on Prescot Bypass. The Roads Policing Unit shared “several motorists” drivers had been dealt with for excess speed.

But officers didn’t just deal with speeding drivers, they also addressed the issue of motorists warning other cars about the mobile speed gun. The tweet said: “Speed enforcement conducted on the A58 Prescot Bypass. Several motorists dealt with for excess speed.

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“A number of people who were flashing headlights to warn others of the enforcement will also be hearing from us. Only use headlights to notify others of YOUR presence.”

Following the tweet, people were sceptical about the issuing of letters but the police’s Twitter account explained to those being critical why the letters are issued. The page said: “It’s not a case of fining everyone. It’s a case of reducing casualties on the road.

Don’t speed and you won’t run the risk of being reported for speeding. It’s quite simple.” The page added: “The difference is that people know where fixed cameras are and purposely slow down on these stretches only.

Patrols carry out random speed compliance checks to ensure adherence at multiple/varied locations thus covering more roads, different drivers and improving safety.”