UK’s £184m lottery winner could buy Windsor Castle or Premier League club

Someone in the UK has just stepped forward to claim the biggest lottery prize ever won in Britain allowing them to buy their own Premier League football club. It was announced on Tuesday night that the eye-watering EuroMillions jackpot of GBP184million or GBP184,262,899.10 to be exact, has been won in Britain. Overnight someone’s wealth will surpass that of Rowan Atkinson, Adele and boxer Anthony Joshua but what will they do with it?

As the winner gets to grips with becoming not only filthy rich but the richest of any UK lottery winner since it launched in 1994, the Daily Star looks at what luxury goods they could get their hands on.

GBP184 is enough to buy Premier League comeback boys AFC Bournemouth if the club were to be sold

If the EuroMillions winner is a fan of football and the seaside, they may fancy putting in an offer to snap up Premier League returners, AFC Bournemouth. Owning the Cherries, who Transfermarkt estimate are worth GBP152million, may not be to everyone’s taste but buying Windsor Castle might be. No the Queen is not looking to downsize but property experts UOWN say if the 11th century royal residence was to hit the market, it would be worth GBP179.5 million

UK's £184m lottery winner could buy Windsor Castle or Premier League clubThe lottery winner could buy Windsor Castle if it was for sale, UOWN claim

To put the grand sum of GBP184million into perspective, snapping up a dozen super yachts would still leave some change as would 700 brand new Ferrari sports cars.

For just a fraction of that many huge number of flash motors though, the lottery winner will need plenty of space at home to park them. Hampton Hall in Surrey’s posh Oxshott delivers a handy six garages, as it does 11 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms all for under GBP30million.

UK's £184m lottery winner could buy Windsor Castle or Premier League clubThis might not be Hampton Hall but the price of a typical English mansion would be a mere drop in the ocean for the lottery winner

The stunning mansion which comes with a swimming pool, spa, bowling alley, pool bar, gym, cinema, snooker room and car lift still leaves GBP155,262,899,10 to play with. Fill those six garages with brand new supercars and that will still cost less than GBP2million.

It may be the case that the lottery winner has long had a dream of running their own pub. Even if their jackpot means they never need to work again, everyone needs a hobby, right?

UK's £184m lottery winner could buy Windsor Castle or Premier League clubBuying a pub could be the lottery winner’s dream

They could do worse than snapping up the charming Lowndes Arms in the beautiful village of Whaddon, Buckinghamshire for GBP975,000. Pouring pints behind a historic, grade 2 listed pub complete with wooden beams and floorboards is certainly one way to spend an early retirement.

Cruising around the world on a private yacht in the summer is another and would certainly tempt many away from serving up ales all year round.

UK's £184m lottery winner could buy Windsor Castle or Premier League clubPumpkin Key is well within the EuroMillions winner’s budget

The “beautifully crafted, elegantly designed” Gianetti-built yacht Project Mirage 401 sleeps 10 guests across three “generous” decks and can be snapped up for just over GBP10million. That still leaves GBP142million to splurge on so if it is still burning a hole in the lottery winner’s pocket perhaps they have an urge to call an island their very own and sail to on their yacht? A cool GBP77.2million will afford Pumpkin Key in Florida Keys, US which is described as “an extraordinary private island totalling 26 acres in the tropics of Card Sound Bay”

The island’s listing continues: “Just 10 minutes by helicopter to Miami’s infamous South Beach and 10 minutes by boat to its shore home with dockage at Ocean Reef, a private club in Key Largo, Florida with an airstrip for private jets.”

UK's £184m lottery winner could buy Windsor Castle or Premier League clubA private jet is one way of getting around to a private island

For more incredible stories from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here Of course Pumpkin Key features one main home, two caretaker’s cottages, and a dock master’s apartment. With an airstrip it is only right the lottery winner gets their own private jet.

A 2014 Gulfstream G450 which seats 14 passengers is currently on the market for GBP14million.

Then with the help of an trusted accountant that leaves Britain’s biggest ever lottery winner with GBP51million to pay for fuel, staff and whatever else they can dream of.