2022 East Midlands Top 500 companies – 500-351

Today we launch our annual countdown of the 500 biggest companies by turnover in the East Midlands. BusinessLive starts the rundown today with numbers 500 down to 351. Parts two and three will be published on Monday and Tuesday of next week, and the Top 20 will be published following a Top 500 breakfast at the Radisson Blu Hotel at East Midlands on Tuesday morning.

The event will be attended by representatives of many of the region's biggest companies. The 2022 list has been meticulously put together using figures publicly available on Companies House by researchers from the Business Schools at De Montfort, Derby and Nottingham Trent Universities, supported by East Midlands Chamber, and sponsored by Leicester property developer Bradgate Estates. Many of the businesses on the list are household names - today's section alone contains names such as Nottingham Forest FC, Bird's Bakery in Derby, music royalty body PPL PRS in Leicester and Leicestershire's Everards Brewery.

These are some of the biggest companies in Britain, leading the UK economy and shaping the region's business scene. Between them they employ hundreds of thousands of people and generate tens of billions of pounds of revenues. The very success of Britain relies on their success.

Joe Levy is managing director of list sponsor Bradgate Estates which has built and sold more than GBP90 million worth of property in the last four years. Projects include a flagship 132-bed scheme in London Road, Leicester and a 117-unit private rented scheme in Nottingham's Lace Market. As landlords, Bradgate Estates also has 350 flats in Leicester and commercial retail properties.

Mr Levy said the team was delighted to be backing the Top 500 list - and supporting industry and enterprise within the region. He said: "Anything that can create a spotlight for the East Midlands as a united region and inspires others is great. "The listing is very important, not just for companies that are mentioned but it highlights the need to work together as a region to build strength and inspire others to grow.

"We think this is the perfect opportunity to give back to bridge the gap between academia and business. "We believe in building strength within the community by working together, keeping wealth within the region by employing local labour, suppliers, business professionals and lawyers." Following two years of Covid, and as the global economy enters a fresh period of upheaval, it is fascinating to see how the list has changed - the companies moving up, the new entries and the companies moving down.

Because of the way the list is compiled it does not use the latest accounting figures published on Companies House. That means that some of the figures relate to the start of the pandemic. However they still provide an excellent indicator of the range and strength of businesses across the three counties covered by East Midlands Chamber.

Many of those businesses have seen big changes in turnover since the start of the pandemic - pretty much all of them will have been helped by the Government's Covid support programmes. It will be interesting to see how these companies fare as we enter this latest period of economic instability.

Tomorrow we look at the firms who occupy places 350 to 201, but today we publish numbers 500-351:

(2021 position in brackets) 500 (n/a) PHENNA GROUP TOPCO

Investor in testing, inspection, certification and compliance (TICC) companies Operating revenue: GBP24,230,000 Number of employees: 273

Postcode: NG1 5HQ 499 (n/a) HENTON & CHATTELL Garden machinery distributor

Operating revenue: GBP24,328,320 Number of employees: 78 Postcode: NG2 3HW

498 (n/a) MONRO Luxury and retail packaging Operating revenue: GBP24,375,000

Number of employees: 46 Postcode: LE67 1PG 497 (n/a) ALLTRUCK PLC

Commercial vehicle rental Operating revenue: GBP24,377,140 Number of employees: 113

Postcode: NG18 1QH

Alltruck Plc

496 (n/a) MOTO DIRECT HOLDINGS Motorcycle clothing and safety gear Operating revenue: GBP24,551,510

Number of employees: 174 Postcode: DE55 2FX 495 (n/a) HILLBRIDGE INVESTMENTS

Skip hire and waste management Operating revenue: GBP24,680,000 Number of employees: 85

Postcode: DE7 4BG 494 (311) JIGSAW FOODS Sauce manufacturer

Operating revenue: GBP24,860,000 Number of employees: 261 Postcode: NG20 8RU

493 (n/a) ITP ENGINES UK Jet engines and turbines Operating revenue: GBP25,024,000

Number of employees: 176 Postcode: LE8 6LH 492 (n/a) HIGHLIGHT HORTICULTURE

Wholesale of agricultural machinery, equipment and supplies Operating revenue: GBP25,064,000 Number of employees: 26

Postcode: NG21 0HJ 491 (n/a) RESONATE HOLDINGS Digital railway and connected transport solutions

Operating revenue: GBP25,200,000 Number of employees: 159 Postcode: DE24 8HS

490 (309) VERSUS ARTHRITIS Arthritis support charity Operating revenue: GBP25,244,000

Number of employees: 349 Postcode: S41 7TD 489 (n/a) CLIFTON PACKAGING GROUP

Food packaging Operating revenue: GBP25,269,730 Number of employees: 130

Postcode: LE19 1WH 488 (n/a) BRADGATE CONTAINERS (HOLDINGS) Manufacture and installation of containers and purpose built modules

Operating revenue: GBP25,297,000 Number of employees: 147 Postcode: LE12 9EG

487 (n/a) PYRAMID POSTERS Licensed merchandise from brands such as Disney, Marvel and DC Operating revenue: GBP25,324,560

Number of employees: 141 Postcode: LE8 6HP 486 (n/a) NOTTINGHAM FOREST FOOTBALL CLUB

Premier League football club Operating revenue: GBP25,344,000 Number of employees: 197

Postcode: NG2 5FJ

Nottingham Forest's Joe Worrall (centre) and Lewis Grabban lift the trophy as they celebrate promotion to the Premier League

485 (485) DELLNER Train parts and services Operating revenue: GBP25,347,980

Number of employees: 157 Postcode: DE11 9DX 484 (465) HUBERGROUP UK

International specialist in printing inks and printing aids Operating revenue: GBP25,476,000 Number of employees: 78

Postcode: NG2 1NA 483 (n/a) MINORFERN Replacement parts for cars and vans

Operating revenue: GBP25,549,860 Number of employees: 260 Postcode: S45 9NF

482 (n/a) SYNTHETIC TECHNOLOGIES Supplies to pharmaceutical firms Operating revenue: GBP25,642,000

Number of employees: 95 Postcode: SK13 1QH 481 (n/a) RUTLAND CYCLING 2013

Bicycle sales and rental Operating revenue: GBP25,659,000 Number of employees: 226

Postcode: LE15 8SZ

Rutland Cycling

480 (n/a) WB POWER SERVICES Generator sales, hire and maintenance Operating revenue: GBP25,743,360

Number of employees: 112 Postcode: DE75 7RJ 479 (481) MOTORS (COALVILLE)

Ford dealership Operating revenue: GBP25,752,000 Number of employees: 39

Postcode: LE1 3RW 478 (n/a) TOM HARTLEY CARS Luxury used car sales

Operating revenue: GBP25,838,480 Number of employees: 10 Postcode: DE12 6JD

477 (n/a) STAMFORD HOLDINGS Double glazing Operating revenue: GBP25,849,560

Number of employees: 247 Postcode: LE13 1BS 476 (438) AARSLEFF GROUND ENGINEERING

Piling and ground engineering Operating revenue: GBP25,851,000 Number of employees: 152

Postcode: NG24 3BU 475 (n/a) POLLARD BOXES Packaging for beauty, drinks, gift, entertainment and corporate markets

Operating revenue: GBP25,915,000 Number of employees: 351 Postcode: LE19 4SD

474 (494) HAWTHORN THEATRICAL Event production Operating revenue: GBP26,039,000

Number of employees: 169 Postcode: LE14 3NQ 473 (n/a) R.A.LABONE & CO

Plastic injection mouldings, metal pressings, insert mouldings, assemblies and tools Operating revenue: GBP26,053,800 Number of employees: 277

Postcode: DE7 5TN 472 (361) WALTER MILES (ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS) Electrical service installation

Operating revenue: GBP26,091,090 Number of employees: 24 Postcode: LE2 0QS

471 (n/a) IRONMONGER INITIATIVES Telecommunications Operating revenue: GBP26,122,020

Number of employees: 83 Postcode: LE12 9NH 470 (496) UNIQUE WINDOW SYSTEMS

Window and door manufacturer Operating revenue: GBP26,141,250 Number of employees: 230

Postcode: LE4 0JP 469 (310) METER PROVIDA HOLDCO Supporting the meter industry

Operating revenue: GBP26,272,000 Number of employees: 60 Postcode: S44 5FD

468 (476) WEIDMULLER Electrical connections specialist Operating revenue: GBP26,321,000

Number of employees: 46 Postcode: LE19 1TP 467 (491) NOVA BIO-PHARMA HOLDINGS

Manufacturer and developer of bio-pharma products Operating revenue: GBP26,357,660 Number of employees: 238

Postcode: LE18 4YL 466 (n/a) BIRDS (DERBY) Bakery

Operating revenue: GBP26,361,970 Number of employees: 764 Postcode: DE24 8GN

465 (442) TRUMA Caravan and RV products Operating revenue: GBP26,362,860

Number of employees: 51 Postcode: DE65 5BG 464 (429) UAV TACTICAL SYSTEMS

Defence engineering Operating revenue: GBP26,435,000 Number of employees: 109

Postcode: LE19 1WZ 463 (422) AN WALLIS & COMPANY Earthing, lightning and surge protection products

Operating revenue: GBP26,561,000 Number of employees: 86 Postcode: NG6 8NG

462 (495) KSB Industrial valve and pump manufacturer Operating revenue: GBP26,566,000

Number of employees: 107 Postcode: LE11 5TF 461 (469) FASHION FABRIC TRANSPRINTERS

Fabric maker and screenprinter Operating revenue: GBP26,616,720 Number of employees: 230

Postcode: LE4 9JR 460 (n/a) ZEECO EUROPE Combustion and environmental systems for petrochemicals, power generation, pharmaceutical, biogas, renewable feedstock and other industries

Operating revenue: GBP26,621,860 Number of employees: 80 Postcode: LE15 7QT

459 (499) ALBUMEDIX Human albumen for medical science Operating revenue: GBP26,692,000

Number of employees: 87 Postcode: NG2 3ED 458 (n/a) BM CATALYSTS

Manufacturer of aftermarket catalytic converters, DPFs and front pipes Operating revenue: GBP26,827,000 Number of employees: 201

Postcode: NG18 5DL 457 (395) ATLAS COPCO MEDICAL Manufacturer of medical and dental instruments

Operating revenue: GBP26,852,000 Number of employees: 77 Postcode: S43 3PF

456 (n/a) TRUST GROUP HOLDINGS (trading as TRUSTMED PHARMACY) Dispensing services for Leicester hospitals trust Operating revenue: GBP26,854,000

Number of employees: 26 Postcode: LE1 5WW 455 (n/a) LRS BROADHURST HOLDINGS (trading as LONG RAKE SPA)

Specialist decorative aggregates Operating revenue: GBP26,865,780 Number of employees: 78

Postcode: DE45 1LW 454 (498) ERF ELECTRICAL WHOLESALERS Trade supplier of electrical products

Operating revenue: GBP26,973,000 Number of employees: 121 Postcode: NG5 6HD

453 (n/a) PPL PRS Musical royalty collection Operating revenue: GBP27,015,000

Number of employees: 257 Postcode: LE1 1QG

Andrea Gray is managing director of PPL PRS

452 (n/a) CANEI INTERNATIONAL Used cars

Operating revenue: GBP27,058,000 Number of employees: 84 Postcode: NG10 3LE

451 (n/a) KENNELPAK HOLDINGS Pet food Operating revenue: GBP27,060,000

Number of employees: 268 Postcode: NG9 7BW 450 (n/a) DORMER PRAMET

Cutting tools Operating revenue: GBP27,110,00 Number of employees: 38

Postcode: S43 4XE 449 (473) LIGHT SOURCE DESIGN Telecoms infrastructure

Operating revenue: GBP27,119,000 Number of employees: 122 Postcode: NG12 4DG

448 (444) STREASON Crane manufacturer Operating revenue: GBP27,319,100

Number of employees: 176 Postcode: SK23 0PH 447 (477) G.A.E.

SMITH (HOLDINGS) (trading as CASEPAK) Recycling Operating revenue: GBP27,339,000

Number of employees: 136 Postcode: LE19 4SD 446 (n/a) AVERY DENNISON RETAIL INFORMATION SERVICES UK

Packaging and labels Operating revenue: GBP27,343,000 Number of employees: 162

Postcode: NG7 1LD 445 (419) INDUSTRIAL MACHINERY SUPPLIES Truck and other transport parts

Operating revenue: GBP27,432,00 Number of employees: 25 Postcode: LE12 9NH

444 (n/a) PWP BUILDING SERVICES (HOLDINGS) Design & build contracts Operating revenue: GBP27,438,000

Number of employees: 161 Postcode: NG5 1AY 443 (432) SMS ELECTRONICS

Electronic product development Operating revenue: GBP27,451,000 Number of employees: 152

Postcode: NG9 1AD 442 (461) UK WASTE SOLUTIONS Waste management

Operating revenue: GBP27,468,000 Number of employees: 180 Postcode: NG24 2TN

441 (337) MIDLAND LEAD HOLDINGS Lead products Operating revenue: GBP27,516,630

Number of employees: 53 Postcode: DE11 8ED 440 (387) MATSUURA MACHINERY

Supplier of CNC machines and printer technology Operating revenue: GBP27,577,000 Number of employees: 80

Postcode: LE67 4NH 439 (n/a) MIDLAND COMMUNICATIONS DISTRIBUTION Communications technology for business

Operating revenue: GBP27,842,000 Number of employees: 33 Postcode: NG4 2JY

438 (n/a) CRONER GROUP HR, employment law, health and safety services Operating revenue: GBP27,880,240

Number of employees: 308 Postcode: LE10 1YG 437 (433) C R SHIELD HOLDINGS

Production machining and assembly of castings Operating revenue: GBP27,924,580 Number of employees: 183

Postcode: LE1 1QH 436 (417) PLASTEK UK Components for packaging industry

Operating revenue: GBP27,990,000 Number of employees: 144 Postcode: NG19 0FT

435 (367) MONDOTTICA Eyewear Operating revenue: GBP27,991,000

Number of employees: 114 Postcode: NG2 1RX 434 (450) FLAIR FLOORING GROUP

Rug supplier Operating revenue: GBP28,002,550 Number of employees: 134

Postcode: SK13 2NS 433 (453) TBH RECRUITMENT (trading as THORN BAKER) Recruitment company

Operating revenue: GBP28,007,000 Number of employees: 77 Postcode: NG1 6DQ

432 (n/a) PREDAPTIVE OD (trading as HOLOVIS UK) AV, virtual reality and real-time immersive experiences Operating revenue: GBP28,037,080

Number of employees: 113 Postcode: LE10 3BS 431 (n/a) W M BUILDING SERVICES (LEICESTER)

Mechanical and electrical contracting services Operating revenue: GBP28,097,180 Number of employees: 34

Postcode: LE4 8EB 430 (478) LINSCO Recruitment services

Operating revenue: GBP28,099,000 Number of employees: 505 Postcode: NG1 1PB

429 (378) UK FLOORING DIRECT Online flooring retailer Operating revenue: GBP28,142,000

Number of employees: 126 Postcode: LE10 3BQ

Josh Ashby of UK Flooring Direct

428 (n/a) NRA GROUP Roofing and flooring

Operating revenue: GBP28,419,030 Number of employees: 81 Postcode: DE7 8DU

427 (n/a) HEXAGON LEASING Contract hire and fleet management Operating revenue: GBP28,570,060

Number of employees: 36 Postcode: DE22 4NB 426 (n/a) BCD MEETINGS & EVENTS

Corporate meetings and events agency Operating revenue: GBP28,642,290 Number of employees: 372

Postcode: DE24 8HG 425 (385) ADDER TECHNOLOGY IP connectivity support

Operating revenue: GBP28,657,860 Number of employees: 155 Postcode: LE1 7LT

424 (428) DGS GROUP PLC Door and window supplies Operating revenue: GBP28,685,000

Number of employees: 159 Postcode: LE11 5RF 423 (475) LK METROLOGY GROUP

Measuring equipment for sectors such as aerospace, automotive and energy Operating revenue: GBP28,691,480 Number of employees: 156

Postcode: DE74 2SA 422 (441) STANTON BONNA CONCRETE Manufacturer of concrete pipes, manholes, culverts and drains

Operating revenue: GBP28,733,000 Number of employees: 195 Postcode: DE7 4QW

421 (n/a) PEOPLE POTENTIAL POSSIBILITIES Charity and social enterprise Operating revenue: GBP29,041,050

Number of employees: 686 Postcode: DE7 8HU 420 (451) ANPARIO PLC

Manufacturer of natural animal feed additives Operating revenue: GBP29,046,000 Number of employees: 114

Postcode: S80 2RS 419 (448) JOHN A. STEPHENS HOLDINGS

Builders merchant Operating revenue: GBP29,072,000 Number of employees: 130

Postcode: NG2 1AG 418 (n/a) WALKER & SON (HAULIERS) Haulage

Operating revenue: GBP29,185,000 Number of employees: 102 Postcode: NG22 0PQ

417 (457) BREVITT - RIEKER Mens and ladies shoes, boots and sandals Operating revenue: GBP29,268,000

Number of employees: 107 Postcode: LE16 9HW 416 (424) APERAM STAINLESS SERVICES & SOLUTIONS UK

Stainless, electrical and specialty steel products Operating revenue: GBP29,328,780 Number of employees: 10

Postcode: S43 4XA 415 (n/a) ORIGIN WINE The importation & sale of wine

Operating revenue: GBP29,373,800 Number of employees: 12 Postcode: LE19 1SD

414 (466) PINNACLE INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT Freight services Operating revenue: GBP29,667,170

Number of employees: 73 Postcode: LE9 6TU 413 (394) RON BROOKS (HOLDINGS)

Car dealer Operating revenue: GBP29,668,790 Number of employees: 94

Postcode: DE7 5FH 412 (n/a) THREESIXTY HOLDCO 1 Construction accessories

Operating revenue: GBP29,682,840 Number of employees: 66 Postcode: DE22 1ES

411 (n/a) WOOLLEY GMC ENGINEERING HOLDINGS Machining and assembly of products for power generation and off-highway machinery Operating revenue: GBP29,776,780

Number of employees: 200 Postcode: LE1 1QH 410 (462) ARMSTRONG LOGISTICS

Warehousing and distribution Operating revenue: GBP29,899,000 Number of employees: 436

Postcode: LE17 4XW 409 (468) DATAPATH GROUP Control room design and management

Operating revenue: GBP29,923,100 Number of employees: 131 Postcode: DE21 6XQ

408 (416) LHOIST UK Specialist in lime, dolime and other minerals Operating revenue: GBP29,954,000

Number of employees: 81 Postcode: SK17 0EL 407 (437) CAVALIER MARKETING HOLDINGS

Design, manufacture and supply of bathroom products Operating revenue: GBP29,959,250 Number of employees: 184

Postcode: LE3 8DX 406 (406) SKYMARK PACKAGING INTERNATIONAL Packaging supplier

Operating revenue: GBP30,174,210 Number of employees: 228 Postcode: DE7 8EF

405 (426) FRANK KEY GROUP Builders' merchants Operating revenue: GBP30,197,000

Number of employees: 216 Postcode: NG5 6BL 404 (460) OLIVE CATERING SERVICES

Contract catering Operating revenue: GBP30,203,880 Number of employees: 752

Postcode: CV9 3PH 403 (n/a) PARKERS MOTOR SERVICES (SYSTON) Car parts

Operating revenue: GBP30,509,730 Number of employees: 364 Postcode: LE1 3WW

402 (327) DIAM UK Goods and services for cosmetic retail outlets Operating revenue: GBP30,527,570

Number of employees: 241 Postcode: LE11 5XS 401 (474) REABROOK HOLDINGS

Chemical product manufacturing and packaging Operating revenue: GBP30,530,000 Number of employees: 233

Postcode: DE12 6DA 400 (396) PACCOR (MANSFIELD) UK Packaging supplies

Operating revenue: GBP30,557,000 Number of employees: 138 Postcode: NG18 5BU

399 (431) EVERARDS BREWERY Pubs and brewing Operating revenue: GBP30,600,000

Number of employees: 77 Postcode: LE3 2AN

Everards Meadows

398 (n/a) SKYNET IT services

Operating revenue: GBP30,684,830 Number of employees: 105 Postcode: LE11 5GU

397 (430) BAW (HOLDINGS) Kitchen appliance sales Operating revenue: GBP30,698,000

Number of employees: 58 Postcode: NG11 6QJ 396 (383) SCHADES

Paper rolls Operating revenue: GBP30,859,090 Number of employees: 53

Postcode: DE5 3RZ 395 (449) PINEWOOD TECHNOLOGIES PLC Vehicle sales management systems

Operating revenue: GBP30,937,000 Number of employees: 226 Postcode: NG15 0DR

394 (443) NORTHFIELD HOLDINGS Construction Operating revenue: GBP31,000,000

Number of employees: 71 Postcode: NG15 0BS 393 (n/a) LUBRICANT HOLDINGS (MIDLANDS)

Treatment of petroleum products Operating revenue: GBP31,049,320 Number of employees: 128

Postcode: NG15 0BS 392 (409) BONNINGTON PLASTICS Importer and wholesaler of garden, home and leisure products

Operating revenue: GBP31,055,000 Number of employees: 88 Postcode: NG10 5AD

391 (440) CHARLES BENTLEY PROPERTIES Home, garden and leisure products Operating revenue: GBP31,274,000

Number of employees: 151 Postcode: LE11 5XG 390 (404) CHARTERHOUSE HOLDINGS

Corporate, promotional and sportswear/visual communications/digital textile printing Operating revenue: GBP31,312,000 Number of employees: 100

Postcode: DE74 2PY 389 (399) BCM EMPLOYMENT & MANAGEMENT SERVICES Employment and management services

Operating revenue: GBP31,409,000 Number of employees: 832 Postcode: NG90 2PR

388 (410) MARK'S ELECTRICAL Online appliance retailer Operating revenue: GBP31,499,930

Number of employees: 93 Postcode: LE4 1AU 387 (384) FARMER & CARLISLE HOLDINGS

New and used cars Operating revenue: GBP31,604,180 Number of employees: 114

Postcode: LE11 1ND 386 (439) STEETLEY DOLOMITE Products for industry, construction, civil engineering and agriculture

Operating revenue: GBP31,755,000 Number of employees: 64 Postcode: S80 3LJ

385 (463) MAGNAVALE Temperature controlled food storage Operating revenue: GBP 31,923,520

Number of employees: 271 Postcode: S42 5UY 384 (n/a) ASRA CONSTRUCTION SERVICES

Building social housing Operating revenue: GBP31,962,000 Number of employees: (n/a)

Postcode: LE2 7EA 383 (400) WINBRO GROUP UK Advanced machining

Operating revenue: GBP 32,063,000 Number of employees: 176 Postcode: LE67 4JP

382 (486) BLADES RESTAURANTS McDonald's restaurant chain operator Operating revenue: GBP32,160,000

Number of employees: 1,227 Postcode: NG9 7GZ 381 (392) TRIGON GROUP (formerly TRIGON HOLDINGS)

Sale of vehicle parts, accessories, tyres and exhausts) Operating revenue: GBP32,701,670 Number of employees: 196

Postcode: DE24 8HG 380 (n/a) SHERRIFFS FOODS Bakery, confectionery, preserves, chutneys and other food

Operating revenue: GBP32,754,000 Number of employees: 74 Postcode: LE16 7DE

379 (446) OPUS TRUST MARKETING Print and post services, online document portals and digital communications Operating revenue: GBP32,789,000

Number of employees: 239 Postcode: LE3 1UQ 378 (445) ROBERT POCHIN

Plumbing supplies Operating revenue: GBP32,860,000 Number of employees: 133

Postcode: LE3 1UW 377 (358) COOPER PARRY LLP Accounting and business support

Operating revenue: GBP32,929,000 Number of employees: 383 Postcode: DE74 2SA

376 (348) MICHAEL PAVIS Operating revenue: GBP33,005,000 Number of employees: 58

Postcode: NG1 4JA 375 (n/a) HOPTON TRADING HOLDINGS Mobile phone seller

Operating revenue: GBP33,192,640 Number of employees: 157 Postcode: DE1 2RJ

374 (401) BPX GROUP Automation and control distributor Operating revenue: GBP33,372,000

Number of employees: 153 Postcode: LE7 7NL 373 (415) CMC CHESTERFIELD

Motorbike dealer Operating revenue: GBP33,573,000 Number of employees: 147

Postcode: S45 9DP 372 (420) UK EGG CENTRE Egg products

Operating revenue: GBP33,713,280 Number of employees: 9 Postcode: S41 9QD

371 (n/a) EVOLUTION FUNDING GROUP Motor finance broker and technology provider Operating revenue: GBP33,846,000

Number of employees: 234 Postcode: NG15 0DR 370 (388) STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS HOLDINGS

Car parts supplier Operating revenue: GBP33,846,000 Number of employees: 234

Postcode: NG15 0DR 369 (414) BRIDGSTOCK Water and gas pipes, ducting and other fittings/utility network quality assurance/property

Operating revenue: GBP33,930,000 Number of employees: 104 Postcode: S41 9QB

368 (330) MITCHELL DIESEL Diesel engineering Operating revenue: GBP33,938,000

Number of employees: 182 Postcode: NG17 2JZ 367 (355) GREENE TWEED & CO

Making seals, coatings and connectors for industry Operating revenue: GBP33,961,000 Number of employees: 137

Postcode: NG11 6JS 366 (344) P. HUGHES CONSTRUCTION

Drainage, plant hire, groundwork and remediation Operating revenue: GBP34,324,000 Number of employees: 195

Postcode: NG16 5GP 365 (345) CEMA GROUP Distribution boards, control panels and control centres

Operating revenue: GBP34,444,000 Number of employees: 362 Postcode: NG1 5GF

364 (372) MOTORLINE DIRECT Used car dealer Operating revenue: GBP34,893,000

Number of employees: 32 Postcode: NG1 4JA 363 (390) ROBINSON PLC

Plastic and paperboard packaging Operating revenue: GBP35,085,000 Number of employees: 322

Postcode: S40 2AB 362 (368) THOMAS SANDERSON Manufacturing and installing shutters, blinds and curtains

Operating revenue: GBP35,219,000 Number of employees: 253 Postcode: NG4 2JR

361 (n/a) THREE JAYS Sale of timber and building materials Operating revenue: GBP35,461,750

Number of employees: 81 Postcode: DE1 3QQ 360 (405) SOS WHOLESALE

Discount wholesaler Operating revenue: GBP35,602,020 Number of employees: 113

Postcode: DE21 4BD 359 (381) CAPITAL REFRACTORIES Manufacturer of refractory and technical ceramics products

Operating revenue: GBP35,805,530 Number of employees: 244 Postcode: S43 4AB

358 (435) AGHOCO 1579 (TOPCO) Research and experimental development in biotechnology Operating revenue: GBP35,904,000

Number of employees: 346 Postcode: NG1 1GR 357 (398) THE WILKINS GROUP

Carton and packaging printer Operating revenue: GBP35,964,000 Number of employees: 376

Postcode: NG4 2JX 356 (380) RUSHCLIFFE CARE HOLDINGS Care home provider

Operating revenue: GBP36,015,000 Number of employees: 1,077 Postcode: NG1 6EE

355 (266) THE NUTTALL GROUP Shop display and merchandising equipment Operating revenue: GBP36,159,000

Number of employees: 204 Postcode: LE10 3BZ 354 (n/a) LINCOLN PROTEIN HOLDINGS

Remediation and waste management Operating revenue: GBP36,313,000 Number of employees: 87

Postcode: NG23 5JR 353 (402) MYUNIDAYS Student shopping app

Operating revenue: GBP31,361,000 Number of employees: 205 Postcode: NG7 1FB

352 (n/a) INTEGRATED DEBT SERVICES Debt collection for government departments Operating revenue: GBP36,562,000

Number of employees: 19 Postcode: NG1 2FS 351 (362) BELLE ENGINEERING (SHEEN)

Manufacturing machinery for global construction industry Operating revenue: GBP36,798,060 Number of employees: 190

Postcode: SK17 0EU