Edinburgh truck driver in bid to return lost ‘angel’ locket to owner

An Edinburgh truck driver is in a frantic bid to return a lost ‘angel’ locket to its owner after finding the treasured piece of jewellery at Waverley Station on Saturday night. Matthew Duncan, 30, originally from Sighthill, was out celebrating his friends birthday with his partner in the city. While heading back to Falkirk, where he has recently moved, he found the golden locket on the floor.

READ MORE: Edinburgh locals woken by early-morning ‘loud bangs’ near popular beauty spot As it looked of sentimental value, he took some pictures and shared it on Facebook in an attempt to reunite it with its owner. The truck driver explained that he has not had any responses yet but remains hopeful and is taken aback by how far the post has been shared.

Pictures show a golden patterned locket which opens up. There is a yellow note inside of it which reads: “Renee Anne Brannigan, November 11 1977. Happy Home” – although it is quite difficult to make out due to handwriting.

Many Facebook users believe it is an Angel Caller. These are pendant necklaces that come in a variety of designs. Some are hollow balls of precious metal, while others are fashioned into decorative ‘cages’.

The pendants hold a soundball with a chime in the middle that can make various sounds when the necklace is swung. These chimes are supposedly a ‘call’ or ‘whisper’ from your guardian angel.

The note has a name, date and 'happy home' written on it.The note has a name, date and ‘happy home’ written on it.

Speaking to Edinburgh Live, Mathew said: “I found it at top of steps into Waverley Station on Market Street on Saturday night. “Initially thought the piece of paper was a keepsake from a relative or something but people on Facebook seem to get quite invested in these things and someone mentioned it to be an ‘angel caller’.

“After googling, that seems to make sense and the words ‘Happy Home’ look like they could be a wish of some sort. Someone also mentioned the way the date has been written as being American. “No luck yet unfortunately.

Been quite cool seeing how quickly the post has been shared but think might need to be cast a bit wider to have any chance especially if the person is from out with UK. “Over 3k. Hardly viral but a lot more than I thought it would get

Sign up for Edinburgh Live newsletters for more headlines straight to your inbox Sharing on Facebook, the truck driver wrote: “Found a wee locket at Edinburgh Waverley. Really old bit of paper inside with a name and date of birth.

Clearly sentimental to someone. Dunno what chances are of finding but please share. “Message reads (I think) – Renee Anne Brannigan, November 11 1977.

Happy Home.” Due to the way the date is written and the name many believe the owner could be American or Canadian on holiday in Scotland. If you have any information please get in touch at iona.young@reachplc.com