Lorry driver crushes van as it turns corner

This is the moment a HGV driver turned a corner and CRUSHED a van before dragging it down the road without realising. The video has gone viral on TikTok. The lorry ploughs into a Ford transit van as it turns, smashing it and dragging it backwards. The caption on the video reads: ‘Who was at fault?’

As the video went viral, people have flocked to have their say. One wrote: “The contractor who set up the signs, should have spaced signs so this doesn’t happen.” READ MORELove Island star Coco reopens Paige feud after her family’s furious statement

And Andy wrote: “Lorry driver shouldn’t of made the move. I presume he knew the van was there as he must of drove past it.” John said: “Van driver did not wait at the sign saying wait here which you can see is much further back.” The HGV drivers seems oblivious to the damage they are causing.

The large HGV was making a left turn at a tight junction but the trailer swung around and crushed a van waiting at the lights. It was shared by @cartricked on TikTok and has subsequently spread widely, with viewers flocking to comment and re share it among their own friendship circles and groups.

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