Tantalising new tipples to enjoy during a long hot summer

Warmer weather is on the way with a long, hot summer predicted for large swathes of the country. Many people will be firing up the barbecue or enjoying a refreshing alfresco cocktail as they soak up the sun. There is a vast array of top tipples hitting supermarket and drinks store shelves all designed to make those summer celebrations taste even better.

Here are some of the newest and most popular varieties on sale now. Gin - but not as we know it! Lilo Zing is an exciting new botanical spirit and the perfect base for almost any classic Summer serving.

At just 25% ABV and 35 calories per single-serve, it great for low-alcohol trends. Crafted by an award-winning Scottish Distiller, Lilo Zing is infused with lemon verbena and orange peel - imparting indulgent lychee, melon, and acacia-honey notes into an exceptionally versatile liquid with a subtle and pleasing alcoholic kick. It is like a gin without the juniper - and ideal for a refreshingly light G&T or a less-punchy Martini.

Co-Founder and managing director, Hannah Fisher, said: "We genuinely care about crafting drinks which are lighter in alcohol strength without sacrificing the taste so people can go low, not no. Why should something lighter not taste as good as the original? We have spent the past three years developing a range of spirits which offer a less guilty pleasure but without losing the taste experience. "

Price - RRP GBP21.99 Stockist - Lilo.co.uk , Amazon and Master of Malt Kings Hill Gin

Multi-award-winning Kings Hill Gin is produced in ScotlandMulti-award-winning Kings Hill Gin is produced in Scotland

Founded in 2017, King's Hill Gin is the first spirit from The Pentland Still.

The spirit is created from a meticulous blend of 12 finely curated botanicals, and distilled in a traditional Copper Alembic Still, named 'Marion'. The Pentland Hills offers an abundance of diverse natural resources. Gorse Flower, Heather, Wild Rosehip and Elderflower are painstakingly foraged by hand, dried and vapour infused in a copper basket during distillation.

Juniper berries form the perfect backbone of the gin, while the locally foraged ingredients add smoothness, depth and character. Best served long with a hearty slice of grapefruit, copious ice and quality Mediterranean tonic. The beautifully crafted bottle is also a bonus.

Price - RRP GBP38.99 Stockist - Kingshillgin.com Italian sparkles

Gancia Prosecco D.O.C. offers a delicate fizz experience, with its aromas of green apple, oranges and lemons. Founded in 1850 by Carlo Gancia, the brand was the first sparkling wine to be produced in Italy. Gancia's sparkling wines originate in Langhe-Roero and Monferrato in Piedmont, known as one of the most highly-prized vineyard landscapes in the world.

The winery is located in a famous castle, under which are a network of wine cellars whose architecture is so striking, they are called "Underground Cathedrals." Gancia's Prosecco D.O.C. is available to purchase at retailers nationwide and online through Drizly.com and Wine.com. For more information on Casa Gancia and its wines, visit www.gancia.com.

Peach of a drink With flavoured gin predicted to be the spirit of the summer, Aldi's award-winning Greyson's range welcomes the delicious new flavour of White Peach to its selection. Available in stores now for just GBP12.99, the brand-new addition is set to impress shoppers with its quality, beating gins worth more than three times the price at the renowned International Wine and Spirits Challenge - Spirits Awards, where it took a silver medal.

Boasting subtly sweet and mellow flavours, this gin will transport taste buds to a sunny Californian coast waterfront for an alternative G&T. Simply serve with plenty of ice, tonic and garnish with a peach slice and basil leaf for a refreshing G&T that bursts with delicate floral sweetness and provides a taste of summer with every sip. Price - GBP12.99

Stockists : Aldi

The new blackcurrant flavour vodka from JJ WhitleyThe new blackcurrant flavour vodka from JJ Whitley

Fruity vodkas JJ Whitley has just announced the launch of Rose and Blackcurrant vodka, delivering new and exciting flavours in line with the latest drinks trends. Not only are these new flavours the perfect summer tipple, but the eye-catching bottles will guarantee attention for all the right reasons.

JJ Whitley Blackcurrant is a wheat-based vodka, with tart dark fruit notes and sweet berry flavours. Pick up a bottle of JJ Whitley's Blackcurrant Vodka from Sainsbury's for GBP16. JJ Whitley Rose Vodka fuses artisanal vodka with vibrant fruity flavours of rich strawberries and tasty red berries.

Available at ASDA.