Upgraded Night Lock adds to driver safety in DAF trucks

DAF Trucks has introduced an updated version of its Night Lock cab security system, which the brand says is 150% stronger than rival devices. The new Night Lock, replacing a device launched on DAF truck models in 2008, can be specified on any new XF, XG or XG+ truck and can also be retro-fitted by dealers. It consists of a steel panel integrated into the door panel and finished in the colour trim of the door.

The panel houses a mechanical lock that when activated by a rocker switch on the inside of the door, slides the panel down to connect with the door handrail, blocking the door and preventing entry. The system makes use of reinforcements built into the door structure. A red indicator shows that the lock is in use and DAF states that it cannot even be opened using a crowbar, withstanding forces up to 150% higher than other devices on the market.

DAF adds that the driver can instantly escape from the cab in an emergency situation as one press on the rocker switch disengages the lock. Figures from the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence eService (NaVCIS) show that in 2020 freight crime in the UK increased from a third successive year. More than 4,400 notifications of HGV, freight and cargo-related crimes were made to MaVICS in 2020, which was up by 50% over 2018, with an associated cost of more than GBP95 million.

Such crimes have a far wider effect that on the lorry operator and its customer, driving up shop prices and putting pressure on supply chains.

When the figures were released, NaVCIS head DCI Brett Mallon commented that while violence to lorry drivers remained rare in the UK, the fear of crime remains significant with drivers of ten having to park up at insecure sites for their mandatory rest breaks.