Driver rescues sheep from M6 following crash that brought traffic to standstill

Pictures and videos have emerged of the M6 northbound crash involving a truck full of sheep yesterday (August 10). A Lancashire man even rescued one and kept it in his his vehicle. Traffic was brought to a standstill on Wednesday afternoon after sheep escaped from the truck following a crash.

The animals were spotted in both carriageways of the M6 between junctions 32 for the M55 and junction 33 for Lancaster. National Highways said the incident cleared at 4.40pm but not before the sheep ran rampant between vehicles, to the amusement of many motorists. One Lancaster man, Layton Josif Young, managed to rescue one of the animals from danger by stowing him away in his vehicle.

He said: "We're stuck on the motorway because sheep have escaped - and we've got one in the van!" Speaking to the sheep and stroking its head, Layton said: "It will be alright". He also joked about heading home for a "lamb dinner".

Ian Dean was another frustrated motorist who was stuck in traffic. He shared images of sheep on the road with some helping to capture them and bring them back to safety. Lancashire Telegraph: Sheep being rescued on the M6. (Photo: Ian Dean)Sheep being rescued on the M6. (Photo: Ian Dean)

He said: "A sheep truck has gone over M6 sheep...there are sheep everywhere."

Sadly, other sheep were not as lucky and videos showed dead animals being loaded into a truck.

National Highways say approximately 50 sheep died as a result of the crash.