Food Truck Masters, helping the needy from UK to Ukraine

LONDON – After taking part in distributing food to the needy during the coronavirus pandemic in London, Moroccan entrepreneur Hicham Haidar endeavours to help Ukrainians in Donbass with his food trucks in coordination with the UK-based charity “Food for All” despite the ongoing war in Ukraine. “It’s a humanitarian gesture that I thought would benefit Ukrainians who have been affected by Russia’s war on Ukraine,” Haidar, head of the London-based Food Truck Masters, told Middle East Online. The charity sent earlier in March its truck to support Ukrainians with food.

“The plan was to set up food banks and serve over 8000 meals per day, in Donbass. We helped raise GBP130,000 also some of the budget helped purchase more support vehicle locally,” he said. Unfortunately, two of the charity team that was left behind died on July 16 after the food bank base was destroyed following intensive bombardments in Alchevsk.

“We are already working to rebuild what we have lost and will possibly bring them this time a mobile solution to offer mobility should they have to escape the unexpected again,” said Haidar, who was born and bred in Morocco and emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1998.

In November 2020, Haidar’s food trucks took part in “Food for London Now” appeal launched by British newspaper the Evening Standard in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to distribute food for low income Londoners.