Take the British citizenship test and see if you pass

To become a British citizen, you have to pass the 'Life in the UK' test. To take the test, you have to have been living in the UK for a certain period of time, not have any criminal convictions and pass an English language test. The test consists of 24 questions on a mixture of subjects, including culture, history and customs and you get 45 minutes to take it.

While some questions are pretty straightforward, others would require a bit of background knowledge and research. The test is multiple choice and includes questions such as: Which of the following is a Crown Dependency but not part of the UK? And How many members does the Northern Ireland Assembly have?

Read more:Afghan refugee split from her family and living in hotels for 11 months speaks out You can take the test as many times as it takes to pass, but each attempt costs GBP50. In 2019 across the UK, 160,124 tests were carried out with an 81 percent pass rate.

The test includes questions about culture, history and the queenThe test includes questions about culture, history and the queen

To pass, you must correctly answer 18 questions, or 75 percent and the results are given immediately at the end of the test.

Do you think you could pass the test? Have a go for yourself below:

Question -1 of 24 Score -0 of 0What is New Year's Eve called in Scotland?Thanks for taking part in this quiz You scored Replay quiz

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