Why two of The Beatles came to Chepstow

NEW York Times bestselling author Richard Buskin recently shared on his Facebook page Buskin with The Beatles this story of two of The Beatles on a hitchhiking holiday in 1959.The trip took Paul McCartney and George Harrison to Chepstow as they tr…

The cars of Queen Elizabeth II

For a person who probably travelled more chauffeur-driven miles in her lifetime than anyone else on earth, our late monarch had an uncommon urge to take the wheel herself.
Her views on the cars in her long motoring life are not recorded. There could ne…

Pick-up truck stolen

A vehicle, which was parked in a village, has been stolen.
A Ford Ranger pick-up truck was taken from Neslam Road in Sempringham on Thursday last week (August 18).
A trailer was later found in Aslackby by rural crime officers.

Police news. (58645851…


Fed up with EVs? Ford offers an antidote with this gutsy fourth generation Ranger pick-up. Surf shack seekers should form an orderly queue, reckons Jonathan Crouch
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