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Going out: Pick of the week

The Blast Off! Tour
This arena tour rolls out a load of household names, including St Louis rapper Nelly (pictured above), whose career seems to have taken a dip in the UK in the past decade, hip-hop pioneers Salt-N-Pepa, Boom…

The Coca Cola truck arrives in Cardiff

Nothing signals the arrival of Christmas more than a bright red Coca Cola truck[1] parked up in town and divvying up free mini versions of Coke Zero.
The iconic lorry arrived in Cardiff[2] on Friday as part of its annual Christmas truck tour[3] and set…

The Coca-Cola truck is coming

THE dates for when the popular Coca-Cola Christmas truck will be visiting cities around the UK have been revealed – but Newport’s not on the list.
The nearest location the famous truck, which is touring the UK for the ninth year – is Cardiff, where it …